Solar Projects

Boom box hooked up to a little solar panel.

I just love this pic sent in by Rod Baird of Sunsmith Energy in North Carolina.

Ron says, The radio and PV have been with me on job sites for almost 10 years! It puts out about 13.5V at 1.2 A. I connect the PV directly to the battery contacts with alligator clips. Thats why we say “when the music stops it’s time to quit!” I have used it in the rain and snow ( like this Fri. ). This set up works great when we go to the local schools and show them how solar works. When they step in front of the PV the music stops.

Work’s not so bad if you’ve got music and a pal to share lunch with.

Reminds me of building our Earthship in New Mexico in the early 1990’s. We had our solar panels long before we were finished with the house and before we had our pole top array set up. When he needed to use power tools, my husband Mark just propped four of the solar panels up against a couple of strawbales, wired them to the charge controller and then to a few batteries, and away he went. Electricity in the boonies!

Worked so well he decided to forego the use of our finicky gas generator. But how to keep the inverter, charge controller and batteries protected from the elements before we had our utility room complete? A used refrigerator, commissioned from the local dump, made a great insulated, rainproof storage container. Mark set the inverter in the freezer section and the batteries and charge controller in the ‘frig section. Wish I had taken a picture of that!