Breakthrough Savings on Crown Batteries

Breakthrough Savings on Crown Batteries

Batteries are key components in backup, off-grid and other solar-with-storage systems, however ordering batteries from an online supplier is often cost-prohibitive due, primarily, to the associated shipping costs.  Let’s face it; batteries are heavy and therefore expensive to ship, making the total cost of a battery or battery bank largely dependent on how far away you are from your supplier.

Wholesale Solar now has a way to overcome this obstacle, thanks to our friends at Crown Battery.   Having been chosen as Crown Battery’s premier distributor for renewable energy products, Wholesale Solar now has full access to Crown Battery’s extensive, nationwide distribution network, which allows us to provide substantial savings on shipping, as well as preferred pricing, on all Crown batteries.

Crown Battery has been supplying premium quality batteries to the industrial and heavy equipment markets for nearly a century.   Drawing from their extensive experience and application-specific R&D, Crown Battery now manufactures premium quality batteries for the renewable energy market, all of which are backed by an exclusive Wholesale Solar/ Crown three year replacement warranty.

Started in 1926 in Fremont, Ohio; Crown Battery prides itself on absolute quality, with over 99% of their batteries manufactured at state-of-the-art facilities right here in the USA.  Being an American-owned company ourselves, Wholesale Solar is excited to work with a company who is as equally dedicated to providing quality American products and services.

To learn more about the breakthrough savings you’ll receive when ordering a Crown battery or battery bank for your back-up, off-grid or other battery based system, call Wholesale Solar at 1-800-474-1142 or visit us at

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