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Say Hello to the Next Generation of Grid-Tied Solar Power Inverters

Say Hello to the Next Generation of Grid-Tied Solar Power Inverters

Every grid-tied solar power system needs an inverter, and there are a lot of different ones on the market. Today we’ll help you narrow down your choice, because we’re focusing on the best of the bunch: the HD Wave Inverter from SolarEdge.

SolarEdge’s HD Wave is one of the most innovative grid-tied inverters on the market today: 50% smaller than most inverters and with an efficiency rating of 99%. It sports a number of improvements over traditional inverters, and SolarEdge spent a lot of time developing it to be the next leap forward in the industry – likened to the jump from “fat-backed” televisions to flat-screen plasma displays: it’s a huge innovation.

But before we dive into the details of the HD Wave and what makes it so great; let’s take a look at why the inverter plays such an important role in a Solar System setup.

Why do we need an inverter anyways?

The inverter is the “brain” of your solar system. It manages your power flow, taking the DC power produced by the solar panels and “inverting” its current into AC power for your appliances and home electricity.

DC power is “unidirectional,” meaning it flows in one direction. This is what your solar panels produce when they convert the sun’s heat and light into electricity.

AC power “alternates” by changing the direction of the power flow periodically. This is the type of energy your home uses to power its appliances and devices.  

The more efficient your inverter is, the more you can take advantage of the sun’s energy, and the HD Wave Inverter is currently the most efficient grid-tied inverter on the market.

SolarEdge Leads the Pack for Innovation

This revolutionary new grid-tied inverter doesn’t come without a fair share of competition. There are hundreds of other inverter manufacturers in the world, so SolarEdge had to truly change the game in order for their design to come out on top.

SolarEdge’s innovations proved so revolutionary, in fact, that they were awarded the Intersolar Award in 2016. This prestigious award is granted to companies deemed instrumental in driving forward progress in the solar industry.

The HD Wave Inverter is not only more efficient, but it’s also considered to be one of the most reliable systems on the market. SolarEdge stands by their new technology by providing lifetime system monitoring services and a 12-year standard warranty.

6 Reasons Why the HD Wave is the New Gold Standard for Inverters:

  1. Smaller and lighter for easy installation. The small form factor of the HD Wave Inverter makes it easy for DIY installers. It weighs less than 25 lbs (regular inverters weigh much more, 50-100 lbs!).  
  2. Rated at 99% efficiency by the California Energy Commission (CEC). Most traditional inverters, when converting DC to AC, will lose 3-5% efficiency. But the HD Wave Inverter only loses 1%—allowing your system to produce more energy on average. Improvements include:
    • New digital processing technology
    • 16x less magnetics than other inverters
    • Newly optimized capacitors that improve power output.
  3. The SafeDC System: Limits each panel’s output to 1 volt. (discharging capacitors and shutting down power optimizers). This makes it safe for installers, firefighters, and maintenance personnel who are working on or around your panels.
  4. Four-button touch panel interface on the front of the HD Wave allows for smooth operation. This allows for easy setup and adjustment of your system.
  5. 12-year standard warranty ensures the system holds up over time, and can be repaired or replaced. This can be upgraded to a 20 or 25 year warranty for added peace of mind.
  6. Lifetime system monitoring (household energy consumption & production app) – sign into your SolarEdge account and keep track of your system diagnostics, PV panel performance and power flow from your computer or phone. You can even track faults or issues that crop up in real time, so you can make repairs and adjustments as soon as possible.

The SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter is available for most solar systems, sized at 3.8kW, 5kW, 6kW, and 7.6kW Watt modules, with 10kW and 11.4kW sizes coming soon, allowing it to be used for most grid-tied solar power systems.

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Solar-Powered Airplane on Round-the-World Flight

Solar-Powered Airplane on Round-the-World Flight

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.18.33 PMThe Solar Impulse, a solar-powered airplane currently circumnavigating the globe, is now almost halfway between Japan and Hawaii on a 120-hour segment. Once it reaches Hawaii, it’ll have completed the longest leg of its 22,000-mile journey across the world — all on solar power! Progress is updated in real-time, with a live video feed, on their website:

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.20.47 PM

Charging by day and running off battery power at night, pilots Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg take turns at the helm. A variety of systems monitor everything from avionics to solar equipment to the pilots’ food, water, and oxygen rations.

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Sale: Racking free or half off. Free Shipping on RV Solar Kits.

Sale: Racking free or half off. Free Shipping on RV Solar Kits.

Pre-summer Solar Racking SaleNow through the June 20th, Wholesale Solar is offering some amazing deals. If you’re shopping for a solar power system on or off the grid, roof mounts are free and ground mounts are half off when you purchase systems $5,000 and up.  Roof racks normally start at $70 per solar panel, so you’ll be saving thousands of dollars.

To take advantage of the racking sale, see Wholesale Solar’s  Grid-tie,  Off-grid Systems, and Gridtie Systems with Battery Backup.

Free Shipping on Solar RV Kits. Now through June 20. Also through June 20th, Wholesale Solar is offering free shipping on their RV Solar Kits.



Texas: Money for nothin’, Power for free.

Texas: Money for nothin’, Power for free.

In Texas, utility solar incentives are generous! If you compare them to the cost per watt for a solar power grid-tied system, you’ll see that some incentives will literally pay for an entire system. Wholesale Solar’s Gridtied Solar Power Systems range from $1.30 to $2.40 per watt. While rebates and incentives in Texas range from $0.75 to $2.50 per watt, the Federal Tax Credit covers about 30% of the cost. Do the math!

Texans, research your rebates here.

93 Cents Per Watt Sale – The Best Sale So Far This Year

93 Cents Per Watt Sale – The Best Sale So Far This Year

93 cents per watt sale on black-framed 245-watt solar panels.
Quality black-framed ET solar panels on sale.

ET Solar 245-watt polycrystalline ET-P660245B solar panels are now available for 93 cents per watt when you buy a pallet of 26. Complete pallets are available at $5,924.00. Single panels are available at $258.

This ET-660245B solar panel is one of the best out in the solar market right now. Photon’s international performance test proves it.  ET 660 series solar outperformed other named brand polycrystalline solar panels in like conditions.

These panels also have the more sought after black frames.

Read more about this solar panel.

Green Gifts for the Holidays

Green Gifts for the Holidays

Holiday Gift IdeasDo you want to see how solar works first hand or teach the basics of solar to your kids? Are you looking for a useful, affordable and fun gift for someone you know? Check out these solar-powered shed lights, desk lamps and lanterns with 1.5 watts to 10-watt solar panels. They range from $25 to $170.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who is really ready to get started with solar, check out this  solar starter kit for grid-tied applications. You’ll also be interested in small off-grid solar packages or RV/Boat kits.

Here’s Wholesale Solar’s list of gift ideas.

99 Cent per Watt Solar Panel Sale is Back

99 Cent per Watt Solar Panel Sale is Back

Astronergy  240-watt solar panels are now on sale at the unbelievable price of 99 cents per watt. This CHSM 6610P polycrystalline solar panel is suitable for residential or commercial solar power systems on or off the grid. Built to last, these high efficiency solar panels  come with a 25-year warranty and are a worthy investment.  This pricing is valid when you buy a pallet of 22 solar panels.

Read more about this panel or give us at call a 1-800-472-1142.  Hurry now while supplies last.

Tariffs Imposed on Chinese Will Cause Price Rise for All Solar Panels

Tariffs Imposed on Chinese Will Cause Price Rise for All Solar Panels

As you may have heard, the International Trade Commission and the United States Department of Commerce have been investigating whether Chinese solar module manufacturers are trading unfairly in the US. The initial ITC ruling in March found that the Chinese government unfairly subsidized Chinese solar module manufacturers in violation of Trade Commission rules.

On the 17th of May, the Department of Commerce announced that they were preliminarily imposing much greater tariffs on Chinese-made solar cells and modules containing these cells than previously estimated. The rate is roughly 32% for most of the major companies and up to 250% for many manufacturers. Modules from American manufacturers will almost certainly be higher priced and in short supply as soon as large developers seek out now lower priced domestic product.

The immediate result of the decision is that solar panels will soon cost about 10-30% more.  Modules already in the US are unaffected at the retail level.

Buy your solar panels before prices rise.

New Mexico… One of the Nation’s Top Producer of Crude Oil Emerges as Solar Leader

New Mexico… One of the Nation’s Top Producer of Crude Oil Emerges as Solar Leader

Solar ArrayNew Mexico, one of the nation’s top producers of domestic crude oil, is emerging as a leader in solar. In 2011, it ranked fourth among the states for the amount of solar power installations. In 2010, the Land of Enchantment was in seventh place.  Why the sudden boost? Their utilities are under a tight deadline to provide power from renewable energy sources by the end of this year.  There are also plenty of incentives that have been enticing homeowners and business owners whether they’re on or off the grid. Solar incentives in New Mexico mainly come in the form of tax credits and exemptions, net metering and production based-incentives.  Read more.