Colorado State Incentives for Renewable Energy

Colorado State Incentives for Renewable Energy

Colorado residents have long been known for being environmentally aware, and it is reflected in the state’s incentive programs. The state of Colorado provides a rebate program for photovoltaic technology in the range of $1.50 to $2.50 per watt depending on where you live. Rebates are only available for equipment purchased on or after April 19, 2010, while funds are available. Xcel Energy and Black Hills customers do not qualify for photovoltaic (PV) rebates, as these utility companies offer specific incentives.

Xcel Energy, which covers the Denver metro area, offers a rebate program averaging $1.75 per watt for customers who install grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems sized up to 120% of the average annual load of their homes and facilities.

In addition to Excel’s rebate program, Boulder County provides grants to low-income and affordable housing units enrolled in the City’s affordable housing program. Through the Climate Smart Solar Grant program non-profit organizations and low to moderate income housing owned and/or developed by a non-profit organization can apply for grants on an individual case-by-case basis.  In most cases all rebates, tax credits and other incentives combined with the grant will not exceed 50% of the total project costs.

Colorado Springs Utilities offers a $2.00 per watt rebate for residential installations of up to 10kW. Several utility companies offer rebate incentives, far too many to list here. Due to overwhelming demand for solar power systems, some of these rebates have been reduced, making timing a critical factor to consider. At the same time, the demand factor has also increased competition among installers, driving down prices.

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