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It’s a Great Time to “Go Solar” in Idaho

Shoshone Fallse in Southern idaho

Shoshone Falls in Southern Idaho

Idaho has more than just potatoes to boast about. Among its myriad claims to fame, it has 14 national forests, 3,100 miles of river and, compared to any other state, the largest variety of gems. With so many natural resources to protect, a growing power demand (it’s the 4th fastest growing state), and a ban on coal power production, it makes sense for Idahoans to draw upon renewable energy.

With plenty of sunlight, solar power is a viable option in Idaho. A lot of folks don’t realize that the cost of solar–whether you’re on or off the grid–has become a lot more affordable in the past few years. And with Idaho’s solar incentives, and the 30 Percent Federal Tax Credit that can be applied to the installed costs of solar power system, Idaho residents could be paying far less than they would have imagined.

Idaho claims the lowest carbon emission per person compared to any other state, and they should keep it that way.

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