Solar Subsidy, State Incentives, Tax Credits

Increased Federal & local incentives for solar power.

Flower Power !

It’s a slow moving groundswell, yet the solar power wave is gaining momentum, and it appears we’re in the middle of a full-on revolution.  Generous state and federal incentives are allowing many to take the first plunge into solar energy. In one example, the residents of Oakland have lobbied hard for incentives to go solar, and they have been heard.  Residents in the city across the bay can save roughly 60% from federal and state programs, thanks to increased state incentives for the year of 2011.  In April of this year Governor Jerry Brown passed bill SBX1-2, which mandates utilities to obtain 33% of their total power from renewable sources by 2020.  Legislators across the nation seem to be slowly waking up to the fact that we need more renewable sources of energy.

The movement continues to drive down the price of photovoltaic technology, while increased efficiency of these modules guarantee that they will pay for themselves.  The cogs are definitely turning in the greener direction, and this summer may be the best time for you to go solar.

Here are a few links that will help you find the incentives you may qualify for in your neck of the woods…