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Louisiana provides 50% tax credit on Solar systems.

Timing is everything

Louisiana currently offers one of the best solar incentive programs in the nation. The state provides residential customers with a 50 percent tax credit on the first $25,000 on the cost of a renewable energy system, including installation.  Applicable to all types of solar power systems, the tax credit may be combined with the Federal tax incentive. These combined incentives can generate a savings of up to 80 percent of the cost of your system! This generous tax credit may not, however, be combined with any other state tax incentive or rebate.


The tax credit may be applied to personal, corporate, or franchise taxes, yet the  solar power system must be installed on a residence or an apartment complex to be eligible.  Photovoltaic solar panels and system components must be UL-listed and installed in compliance with all applicable building and electrical codes.  It is also noteworthy that the installation of the system must be performed by a licensed contractor, the owner of the system, or by a qualified technician. The entire system and its components must be installed at the same time, and the credit is to be be fully claimed in the taxable year in which the system is placed in service.

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