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Mobile Solar Power Systems

“Getting electrons to your aircraft’s critical computers can be a life or death situation.” These famous words from my flight instructor still echo in my head from time to time. 

A few years later, while flying a puddle jumper to one of the Bahamian Islands, I looked down at the vast Atlantic Ocean below, and a simple little magnetic compass brought me much comfort when that first electrical warning light came on.  Memories of parachuting into frigid water filled my mind, and I thought of the announcement I would make to my passengers: “Folks, as it turns out, we’re all going for a swim”.  We all made it to Nassau on time.

Fortunately, we don’t face similar hardships should your home’s solar power system fail.  The milk will spoil, and you may have to take a few a cold showers, but no one loses a finger.

Off-grid solar power systems can allow us to set out on our own Lewis & Clark style adventures.  It’s pretty simple to power household appliances on the road with a mobile solar energy system.  It makes sense to harness the unlimited power available from the Sun on recreational vehicles and camper vans. Sunlight is free.

Battery innovations are making portable units more viable due to smaller batteries and advanced power conversion devices.  A quality solar power system for your van or RV is an affordable investment that will bring you years of enjoyment.  It’s summer…  Go explore this magical world we live in.