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“Pallet Specials” Offer a Price Break on Going Solar

Pallet Special. Get better than pallet pricing on Grid-tied Solar Power Systems. Wholesale Solar is offering a deal on their solar power systems that include full pallets of ET solar panels.  Wholesale Solar’s “Pallet Special” Grid-tie Solar Power Systems are made up of one or two full pallets of twenty-six ET solar panels and are ready to ship. Equipped with the necessary components and a wiring diagram, the pricing of the solar panels in these systems is lower than their already low pallet pricing, Racking is not included but can be estimated at $65 to $75 per solar panel for a basic mounting solution.

“Pallet Special” Grid-tie Solar Power System packages are available in three technologies: SolarEdge, Microinverter and the more traditional, and usually more cost effective, centralized inverter.  Systems either include 245-watt or 300-watt ET solar panels.

View “Pallet Special” Solar Power Systems here.