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Be Prepared April 2nd for the Oregon Solar Feed-in Tariffs. You Could Earn Tens of Thousands of Dollars.

What you'll Profit when You invest even in one of our midsized systems using even the lowest incentive rates

Even with the lowest incentive, you’d earn tens of thousands of dollars when you purchase one of our mid-sized solar power grid-tie systems.

In the state of Oregon, if you “go solar”, you stand to earn thousands of dollars. This may sound incredible, but it’s true. If you’re a customer of one of Oregon’s investor-owned utility companies—Pacific Power, Portland General Electric and Idaho Power–you can apply for a Feed-in Tariff. If you are accepted, your utility company will pay between 25 cents to 41 cents per kilowatt your solar power system generates. Rates depend on the county you live and the solar power system you intend to use. Look it up here.

Applications are being accepted April 2nd starting 8 am for one day only. Last year’s were fully subscribed to in 15 minutes. This year it’s not gong to be  “First Come, First Serve”. Participating utility companies will be randomly selecting applications via a lottery over a 24-hour period. Those who qualify will get the “jackpot”.  To be safe, however, we recommend, that you submit your application in on the 2nd. Be sure to double check with your utility company regarding deadline.

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