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Skagit Community College Project Wins LEED Certification.

Skagit Community CollegeThe US Green Building Council has given the LEED® Platinum Certification to The Skagit Valley Community College’s Sciences/Nursing hall for excellence in design and innovation in a high-performance green building.

Wholesale Solar and Semper Fi Electric of Everson, Washington designed the building’s PV System, which is used as an integral element of the school’s curriculum. The 31.6kW grid-tied system for this new construction project provides about 4% of the 65,232-foot building’s power use. The installation includes 144 Kyocera KD210 solar panels, six SMA Sunny Boy 6,000-watt inverters, and custom racks by IronRidge. Kyocera Solar Panel Array

This is the first higher education building in Washington state to achieve LEED® Platinum certification. Opened in September 2009, Laura Angst Hall has since achieved a total of 72% reduction in overall energy use, which equates to an annual reduction of 1,167 metric tons in CO2 emissions. In addition to the rooftop solar array converting the sun’s energy into power, sunscreens can be found at at all south-facing windows to control sunlight and save energy.

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