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Solar panels in Ontario Canada

Lots of people ask about how solar panels hold up in the snow, so I thought it would be good to share this photo of the Bickerstaff’s array in Cochrane, Ontario.

Looks like a winter scenario much like we’re having in Mt. Shasta. They’ve got substantial snow on the ground from previous snowfall and they’ve just gotten another couple of inches. Looks the weather is storm is pulling moisture from the south.

In the first picture, you can tell they’re not getting much solar electric gain. The panels are covered with snow. But look at the angle. In the northern part of the northern hemisphere, the winter sun crosses really low in the southern sky. The panels are practically vertical to the ground to catch the rays. So you can imagine that as soon as the snow stops blowing, it will slide right off. If not they can get out there with a broom and sweep it off.