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Solar Rebates Play a Balancing Act in New Jersey

The pendulum keeps swinging when it comes to Renewable Energy in New Jersey. The state with the most industrial clean up sites in the nation has now become a role model when it comes to solar. That’s because New Jersey legislation mandates that power suppliers get 20 percent of their renewable energy sources by 2020, including 2 percent from Solar. As a part of a carbon offset program, New Jersey allows companies to buy certificates, or credits, from producers of renewable energy, giving producers a source of revenue and an incentive to invest in solar power.

New Jersey Solar PanelsThe success of the program can be seen everywhere in New Jersey. Solar panels are on utility poles, atop parking lots and on rooftops across the state. So much so, that some folks have declared solar panels an aesthetic nuisance and are preventing the power companies from installing them in their neighborhood.

Aesthetics aside, a recent review of the master plan put into motion 20 percent budget cuts for 2016. Governor Chris Christie called for this review, because he believes current renewable energy rules are too strict in light of New Jersey’s weak economy.

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called the New Jersey Clean Energy Program office to find out what’s going on with their rebates currently. While renewable credits are still available for 2011, rebates for the year have been used up. We were told October was the best time to check back on their website ( to find out what’s in store for 2012…. Now may be a good time to start planning your solar projects… before the new cuts take effect. Or you could take a gamble to see if the pendulum swings back…

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